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CMC application in food

Sep. 17, 2019

  Edible CMC has many functions such as thickening, emulsifying, shaping, puffing, and fresh-keeping, and can be used instead of gelatin, agar, sodium alginate and other food gels. The addition of edible CMC can reduce the cost of food production, improve the food-grade, improve the taste, and extend the shelf life. It is a food additive often used by food developers. CMC is now widely used in various solid foods, liquid beverages, lactic acid beverages, canned foods, confectionery, pastries, meat products, biscuits, instant noodles, rolled noodles, instant cooked foods, quick-frozen snacks and soy milk, yogurt, peanut milk, fruit tea, juice, and other foods.

  1.Liquid beverage

  CMC is used in liquid beverages to make it evenly and fully suspended in the solvent, bright color, eye-catching, and extended shelf life. The amount used is about 3 to 4 Torr of the total amount of the solid and the aqueous solution.

  2. Milk yogurt, acidic drinks

  Acid Resistance Food Grade CMC, which has a stabilizing effect, prevents precipitation delamination, improves mouthfeel, improves quality, and withstands high temperatures. Good stability, not easy to produce precipitation; can extend the shelf life of the product; strong acid resistance, The PH value of 2 ~ 4, can improve the taste of the beverage, the entrance is smooth. The amount used is around 4 to 5.

CMC application in food

Acid Resistance Food Grade CMC

  3. Soy milk

  CMC is used in soy milk to stabilize suspending and emulsifying. Prevents the fat from floating up and down, and can have a good effect on whitening, sweetening, and removing soybean meal. The amount used is added to the total amount of 5‰.

  4.Ice cream

  CMC is applied to ice cream, which can make the forming property good and not easy to break; keep the ice crystal body, the tongue touches the slippery feeling; the gloss is good, the appearance is beautiful, the ice crystal is less, the anti-melting, the mouthfeel is fine and lubricated, the color is whitened, and the original volume is increased. Achieve the effect of improving quality and increasing efficiency. The amount used is added to the total amount of 5‰.

  5. Bread and Pasta

  CMC is applied to bread production, which can make the bread honeycomb uniform, increase in volume, reduce slag, not collapse, and also have the functions of heat preservation and preservation. CMC is applied to the production of instant noodles and rolls. It can enhance the toughness of noodles, maintain the length, resist boiling, and make the taste smooth and smooth. At the same time, the mixing time is delayed, the viscosity and water retention are strong, and the water is contained, and the stirring is easy; the steam is heated to produce a film protective layer, the surface is smooth and lustrous, and easy to process; the fuel consumption of frying is small; the surface strength can be improved It is not easy to be broken in the packaging and handling; the taste is good, and the boiling water is not sticky. In addition, it can be used in instant noodles to produce medicinal oils, reducing costs and increasing benefits. The amount used is added in the total amount of 5‰.

  6. Other ways of CMC

  CMC Chemical can be used as anti-settling agent, emulsifier, dispersant, leveling agent and binder for coatings, which can distribute the solid content of the coating evenly in the solvent, so that the coating does not stratify for a long time, and is also widely used in paints. in.

  CMC is used as a flocculant to be more effective than sodium gluconate in removing calcium ions. When used as cation exchange, the exchange capacity can reach 1.6 ml/g.

  CMC For Paper Coating is used as a paper sizing agent in the paper industry to significantly improve the dry strength and wet strength of paper and its oil resistance, ink absorption and water resistance.

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