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Can Fulvic Acid improve crop disease resistance?

Dec. 28, 2019

As soil acidification and other issues are gradually recognized by more people, more and more growers have begun to pay attention to rational fertilization, and organic fertilizer has been more and more valued. Growers also look forward to a fertilizer with guaranteed quality, safe use, and beneficial to the soil-liquid fertilizer with yellow humic acid. In recent years, Fulvic Acid liquid fertilizer has been gradually used by more and more farmers, and benefits from it. So what does fulvic acid do? Come and learn as a Fulvic Acid Supplier!

Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid

According to domestic and foreign data reports, fulvic acids have a certain control effect on a variety of plant diseases.
1. Control of wheat gibberellin. According to Ye Meide and other tests, with the same amount of carbendazim, the treatment with fulvic acid compared with carbendazim alone reduced the disease panicle rate by 30%, which improved the control effect.
2. Prevention and treatment of sweet potato diseases. According to the results of Chang Zengrong's control on sweet potato black spot, root irrigation with "sodium fumarate desmethyl to but in" is more effective than root irrigation with sodium fulvic acid alone; tests have shown that single application of sodium fulvic acid Or mixed with methyl tobzine had better control effects on sweet potato root rot and black spot.
3. Prevention and treatment of peanut leaf spot. According to the test results of the control of peanut leaf spot after compounding fulvic acid and carbendazim, fulvic acid and methyltobutine in Baoding Agricultural School, it is fully demonstrated that fulvic acid has an increase in carbendazim and methyltobutine It is an ideal pesticide synergist, which saves pesticides and reduces costs.
4. Control of cotton wilt and verticillium wilt. Controlling effect and synergistic effect of fulvic acid on cotton wilt and verticillium wilt. The test results show that the three application methods of seed dressing, root irrigation and spraying have obvious control effects on cotton wilt and verticillium wilt, and the control of the disease will increase with the increase of the dosage or the number of applications. improve.
1500 times liquid for spraying, once every 10-15 days, need to spray 3 times; 2000 times liquid fulvic acid for root irrigation, once every 10-15 days, twice as appropriate; 150 g / mu for seed dressing is best. Through two years of field control experiments, the effect of root irrigation and seed dressing is better than spraying, but root application is not easy to apply, and seed dressing is the most labor-saving and time-saving method and easy to popularize.
5. Prevention and cure of apple rot. According to the research results of the agricultural school in Hengshui area, before the buds sprout in mid-to-late February, the hot spots of the apples were scraped off, and the wound was coated with a biochemical fulvic acid compatibilizer of 50 times the liquid to protect the wound, and it was applied again after 30-40 days. The results of the investigation showed that the lesions were basically cured after curettage, and the recurrence rate of lesions was very low. Using fulvic acid to prevent and cure apple rot is the same as above, and the control effect is also good.
6. Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency yellowing. In the test results of yellowness of begonia, apple, pear, tomato, etc., iron fulvic acid is an ideal drug for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency yellowing. It is safe, not easy to produce phytotoxicity, and can improve product quality and quality. Our company also has Potassium Fulvate on sale, welcome to consult.

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