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How to Quickly Dissolve CMC Powder in the Water?

Sep. 04, 2019

CMC Chemical is widely used in many industries. It is an additive material product, especially in which the aqueous solution has thickening, film formation, adhesion, moisture retention, colloid protection, emulsification, and suspension. Therefore, it is very important to make the aqueous solution correctly and quickly when using it. Formic Acid Factory will explain the operation method of quickly dissolving in water.

In the case of heating, dispersing into the CMC can increase the dissolution rate, but the heating temperature should not be too high, and the suitable range is 50 ° C - 60 ° C; when mixed with other materials, the solid is mixed first, then dissolved again, the dissolution rate It can also be improved; adding an organic solvent which is incompatible with CMC but compatible with water, such as ethanol, glycerin, etc., and then re-dissolving, the dissolution rate will soon be conventionally dissolved in the preparation of the preparation. 

Under stirring, slowly add CMC Powder to accelerate the dissolution; when heated, disperse to increase the dissolution rate, but the heating temperature should not be too high, suitable range is 50 ° C -60 ° C; mixed with other materials When used, the solid is mixed first, then dissolved again, and the dissolution rate can be increased. However, since the stirring is required to be rapidly stirred for a long time, the formed particles can be sufficiently dispersed to form a solution having a viscosity which is also rapidly stirred with long-term. Weaken and disperse. The effects of suspending and thickening are also significantly reduced.

Use the following method to dissolve, save time and effort, and increase the viscosity of the solution, reducing the amount of CMC.

CMC Powder

CMC Powder

Operation method:

Put CMC Powder in the container (note that the container must be dry), and fully moisten with 95% ethanol (to fully wet the CMC powder, usually 1gcmc powder plus ethanol). Then add water and stir quickly to achieve the desired result quickly.

The powder is insoluble in ethanol, and the powder moistened with ethanol is dispersed with small particles, and the water is vigorously added, so that the CMC is fully contacted with water and rapidly expands, thereby avoiding the disadvantages caused by the inability of the CMC molecule to simultaneously contact with water, and the preparation of the fixed body preparation The gel matrix is most effective.

Allowing CMC to dissolve quickly in water to form an aqueous solution can effectively save production costs and improve economic efficiency. Can be widely used in petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, textile, and paper industries.

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