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How to use Phosphate Fertilizer Reasonably?

Aug. 26, 2019

Phosphorus in the soil generally does not meet crop needs and must be supplemented by fertilization. Foliar Fertilizer Supplier recommends the following application methods:

1. The application of phosphorus in the dry crops is the fastest in the seedling stage, and it should account for half of the total phosphorus in the growing season. If the phosphorus deficiency occurs in the seedling stage, it will affect the later growth. Even if it is reapplied later, it is difficult to recover the loss of phosphorus deficiency. Can not be deficient in phosphorus during the seedling stage.

2. Fine application of superphosphate is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate during storage. When applied, it should be broken and sieved to facilitate root absorption.

3. The concentrated application of Phosphate Fertilizer is easily disabled by the fixation of iron, aluminum, calcium, etc. in the soil. Therefore, it should be applied to the acupoints and strips to fix the phosphorus around the seeds and roots, which can reduce the fixation with the surrounding soil and facilitate the root absorption.

Phosphate Fertilizer

Phosphate Fertilizer

4. Phosphate Fertilizer mixed with organic fertilizer, especially calcium magnesium phosphate and organic fertilizer, can convert the insoluble phosphorus in the phosphate fertilizer into effective phosphorus that can be utilized by crops.

5. The layered phosphate fertilizer has little mobility in the soil, and it is basically where it is not moved. Therefore, the application of phosphate fertilizer in the bottom layer and in the shallow, the Phosphate Fertilizer for Agriculture applied to the shallow layer, is conducive to the absorption of seedlings, thereby promoting early return to early, fast lobulation. Apply one-third of the shallow layer and two-thirds of the deep layer.

6. Mixed with nitrogen fertilizer The crops absorb a certain proportion of nutrients, and if the ratio is out of balance, it will not grow well. A single application of nitrogen fertilizer, the root system is not well developed, easy to fall, and vulnerable to pests and diseases, and accelerate the excessive disappearance of nitrogen in the soil, causing the imbalance of nitrogen and phosphorus. The combination of nitrogen and phosphorus can balance the nutrients and promote the roots to lay the foundation for the high yield.

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