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What to do if the Crop Lacks Trace Elements?

Mar. 20, 2020

As a Fertilizer Urea Factory, share with you.

When we find that the crop lacks trace elements such as iron, zinc, boron, etc., we will spray fertilizers containing iron, zinc, boron and other elements through foliar spraying. This should be a very fast supplementary method with low cost and low cost, quick results.

Iron supplementation is generally based on cheap ferrous sulfate; zinc supplementation is generally based on very economical zinc sulfate; boron supplementation used borax decahydrate (about 10% of boron), but the water solubility is not good, so Dissolve in hot water. Some people also use industrial boric acid (containing about 17% boron). The boron supplement effect is very good, but the water solubility is not very good. Later, mainstream companies in the market are promoting sodium octabohydrate tetrahydrate (containing more than 20% of boron). Sodium carbohydrate tetrahydrate is really great. Not only is it high in boron content, but it is also soluble in cold water. 

Urea N46 Fertilizer

Urea N46 Fertilizer

When we supplement these single trace element fertilizers separately, it can be directly sprayed with water, and the effect is also good. Today introduces a little experience, and also adds some urea to these foliar sprayed trace element fertilizers Faster absorption, the effect will be more prominent!

It is well known that Granulara Urea is suitable for all crops and all soils. It can be used as base fertilizer and topdressing, but it should be applied deeply. Because urea will contain some biuret more or less, it is easy to cause seed burning and seedling burning, so it cannot be used as seed fertilizer.

Why do you say that adding iron, zinc, and boron with urea is more effective? Let's take a look at the reasons why urea is the most suitable for extra-root dressing (foliar application):

1. Urea is a neutral organic substance with a small ionization degree and can be regarded as a non-electrolyte. It is not easy to cause separation of the mass wall, and has little damage to crop stems and leaves.

2. The volume of urea molecules is very small, only 3-4 times that of water molecules, and its permeability coefficient is close to that of water molecules, so it is particularly easy to penetrate cell membranes;

3. The urea molecule has good hygroscopicity, which can keep the leaf surface wet for a longer time and increase the absorption;

4. After urea quickly enters the leaf cells, it can easily participate in material metabolism, the fertilizer effect is particularly fast, and the fertilizer effect can be produced 30 minutes after the foliar spray.

Note: The nitrogen source in general liquid foliar fertilizer is basically urea, so when spraying this type of foliar fertilizer, you do not need to add urea.

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