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Application of CMC in the Paper Industry

Jul. 02, 2019

CMC is a highly efficient paper additive that can be used in paint coatings, pulp addition, surface finish processes, good water retention, and excellent dispersibility shear thinning. As a Formic Acid Factory, let's give you a detailed introduction.

(1) CMC pigments for coatings

1. Control and adjustment of paint rheology and pigment dispersion, and increase the solid content of the paint;

2. Paint fake plastic to improve the coating speed of the paint;

3. Enhance the water retention of the coating to prevent migration of the water-soluble adhesive;

4. Have a good movie to improve the gloss coating;

5. Improve the retention rate of the paint brightener and improve the whiteness of the paper;

6. Improve the lubrication performance of the coating, improve the coating quality and extend the service life of the blade.

CMC Powder

(2) CMC Powder plays a major role in pulp

1. Improve grinding efficiency, promote fiber refinement, and shorten time jitter;

2. Adjust the potential pulp, evenly dispersed fibers, improve the "papermaking performance" of the machine, and further improve the formation of the sheet;

3. Improve various additives, fillers and retention fines;

4. Increase the bonding force between fibers to improve the physical properties of the paper;

5. Used in combination with dry and wet strength agents to improve the wet and dry strength of the paper;

6. Protect rosin internal sizing, AKD, enhance sizing effect,

(3) CMC plays a major role in surface sizing

1. Has good rheology and film-forming properties;

2. Reduce the porosity of the paper and improve the oil resistance of the paper;

3. Increase the brightness and gloss of the paper;

4. Increase the hardness, smoothness, and control of the paper;

5. Improve the surface strength and wear resistance of paper, reduce hair loss and improve print quality.

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