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Hebei Xuerun Biological Technology CO.,LTD.was established in 2017.Our food additive production factory is located in Shijiazhuang,Hebei Province.Which is very close to Beijing,the capital of China.In addition, our factory is also near Tianjin Port and Qingdao Port.The factory has superior geographical location,convenient transportation and developed economy. Our company's mission at the beginning of its establishment was to make people's lives better by chemistry.Since the five years of operation of the food additive factory,the product series of food additives have covered:preservatives,preservatives,flavorings,sweeteners,acidity regulators,thickeners,emulsifiers,bulking agents,colorants and other series of food additives.The varieties of food additives include benzoic acid, sodium benzoate,sorbic acid,potassium sorbate,calcium propionate, sodium pyrosulfite,anhydrous sodium sulfite,sodium L-glutamate, L-alanine,sodium saccharin,D-sorbitol,xylitol,stevioside,sucralose, xanthan gum,guar gum,carboxymethyl cellulose,sodium polyacrylate, citric acid,glacial acetic acid,sodium citrate,L-tartaric acid,malic acid,lactic acid,sodium nitrite,Potassium nitrite,anhydrous calcium chloride,sodium tripolyphosphate,sodium hexametaphosphate and other products.Food additives are mainly used in pastries,carbonated drinks, prepared wine,milk,candy,ice cream,hawthorn products,pickled vegetables, jelly,chocolate,cream,instant coffee,puree,jam,preserves,soy sauce, pickles,vinegar,juice drinks,meat,fish,eggs,poultry food, etc.

After ten years of development, the factory sales network has been all over the world, our factory product quality testing and research and development personnel have college degree or above. Integrity management is our principle, customer satisfaction is always our goal, we hope that through our efforts, get your recognition, welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit our factory!

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