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Conventional Dissolution Method of CMC

Aug. 12, 2019

There are two kinds of conventional dissolution methods of CMC. As a DAP Fertilizer Supplier, let's briefly explain it to everyone.

1) Spread the CMC evenly on the surface of the solution, and then stir it by machine or by hand to accelerate the absorption of water to facilitate dissolution;

2) Spread the CMC evenly on the surface of the solution, place it to make it absorb water naturally, and then stir evenly;

CMC Chemical has strong hygroscopicity. The CMC molecules that first come into contact with water rapidly absorb water and swell, and then have strong adhesion. They adhere to the CMC powder that is not in time to touch water, forming wet particles inside and outside. It is difficult to spread it evenly.

Acid Resistance Food Grade CMC

Acid Resistance Food Grade CMC

Therefore, according to this principle and situation, we use a double-helical accelerator stirrer to stir the proportionally added CMC at a constant speed for 3-4 hours in the laboratory and then put it into a 25 ° C incubator to stabilize the solution. The CMC solution was measured and applied after 2 hours. Therefore, in practical applications, it is better to use a similar method for this method to completely dissolve the Acid Resistance Food Grade CMC, and then use the matching effect will be much better. The purpose is to prevent the CMC from agglomerating and causing the viscosity of the CMC to fail to achieve the actual effect.

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