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How to Improve the Utilization of Phosphate Fertilizer?

Aug. 19, 2019

Studies have shown that the utilization rate of Phosphate Fertilizer in greenhouse soil is only 10%-20%, and most of the phosphate fertilizer reacts with calcium, iron, and aluminum in the soil to form water-insoluble phosphate, which also leads to the utilization of phosphate fertilizer. The main reason for the low.

When most of the phosphate fertilizer is applied to the soil, what should be done to improve the utilization of phosphate fertilizer? As a Formic Acid Factory, let's talk to you.

First, early application, concentrated application, and layering. Studies have shown that vegetables absorb the most phosphorus fertilizer at the seedling stage and generally account for about half of the total phosphorus requirement during the whole growth period. If the vegetable seedlings are deficient in phosphorus, it will be difficult to recover even if the supply of phosphate fertilizer is sufficient in the later stage. Phosphate fertilizer is not only easily fixed by iron, aluminum, calcium, etc. in the soil but also has a very weak ability to move in the soil. The vegetable farmers should apply the phosphate fertilizer to the planting line. Layered application of phosphate fertilizer can be applied to shallow soil (0-10 cm soil layer) for about 1/3, and deeper soil (10-25 cm soil layer) for 2/3 to meet different levels of crop roots. The demand for phosphate fertilizer.

Phosphate Fertilizer

Phosphate Fertilizer

Next, the Phosphate Fertilizer was mixed with organic fertilizer. Due to the high phosphorus content of chicken manure and pig manure used by vegetable farmers, vegetable farmers can use phosphate fertilizer instead of phosphate fertilizer when applying such fertilizer as base fertilizer. When applying straw and rice husk as base fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer can be appropriately supplemented. Phosphate fertilizer is easily fixed by the soil when the soil is alkaline and acidic. Studies have shown that the soil phosphorus utilization rate is the highest when the soil pH is 6.5-6.8. Therefore, when applying the phosphate fertilizer, it is better to ferment and ferment with the organic fertilizer, so that the organic acid decomposed by the organic fertilizer improves the solubility of the phosphate fertilizer, thereby increasing the utilization rate of the phosphate fertilizer.

Again, the change is applied as a foliar spray. Vegetable farmers generally believe that phosphate fertilizer, like the Potassium Fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer, can be supplemented by flushing. However, the effect of supplementing phosphate fertilizer is not satisfactory. Because the phosphate fertilizer is very strong in the adsorption and fixation of the soil, most of the phosphate fertilizer applied to it is fixed on the surface layer of the soil. It can reach the root of the vegetable and is not absorbed and utilized much, and it does not function as a good supplement fertilizer. Especially in winter, because of the low temperature and the lack of phosphorus in vegetables, vegetable farmers should spray through the foliar surface to accelerate the absorption of phosphate fertilizer and increase the utilization rate of phosphate fertilizer.

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