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Uses of Potassium Chloride For Food Processing

Nov. 01, 2019

      Potassium Chloride has a chemical formula of KCl, which is a colorless slender diamond or a cubic crystal, or a small white crystalline powder. It looks like salt, odorless and salty. Commonly used in low sodium salt, mineral water additives. Potassium chloride is a commonly used electrolyte balance regulating drugs in clinical practice, and its clinical curative effect is exact, and it is widely used in clinical departments.

Potassium Chloride

Potassium Chloride

  Potassium Chloride For Food Processing has many uses, such as salt substitutes, nutritional supplements, gelling aids, yeast foods, flavoring agents, flavoring agents, pH control agents, etc. in the food industry. Food grade potassium chloride is generally used as a nutrient for potassium in foods. Compared with other potassium nutrients, it has the characteristics of low price, high potassium content and easy storage. Therefore, potassium chloride is used as a nutrient fortifier of potassium. It is widely used as a fermenting nutrient in fermented foods. In addition, due to the strong chelation and gelling properties of potassium ions, food-grade potassium chloride can be used as a gelling agent in foods. Generally, colloidal foods such as carrageenan and gellan gum use food-grade potassium chloride.

  Food grade potassium chloride can be used in agricultural products, aquatic products, animal products, fermented products, seasonings, canned foods, convenience food flavorings, etc., or used to strengthen potassium (for human electrolytes) to prepare athlete drinks.

  Section 2 Basic Market Characteristics

  1. China's food-grade potassium chloride market is promising

  As China's economy continues to grow rapidly, it provides a huge market space for food-grade potassium chloride products. Food grade potassium chloride can be used as a salt substitute, a nutritional supplement, and a gelling aid. Therefore, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for low sodium salt products, jelly products, condiments, canned foods, convenience foods, and other products has also increased rapidly, driving the consumption of ingredients such as upstream food grade potassium chloride to continue to be stable. Growth, the market potential of the food-grade potassium chloride industry in the future is huge.

  2. China's food-grade potassium chloride industry layout, regional market concentration is higher

  At present, there are dozens of domestic food-grade potassium chloride production enterprises, which are concentrated in the Lianyungang area of Jiangsu Province. Lianyungang is one of the top ten seaports in the country and a billion-ton port. With the rapid development of local industrial economy such as potassium chloride, the number of food-grade potassium chloride production enterprises in Lianyungang is rising. Therefore, the current regional distribution of the food-grade potassium chloride industry is outstanding.

  3. China's food-grade potassium chloride industry scale, industrial concentration, and competitiveness need to be strengthened

  Due to the low technical threshold of capital entering the food-grade potassium chloride industry, most food-grade potassium chloride production enterprises in China have small scale production, uneven production capacity, serious product homogeneity, and disorderly development of the industry. The competition of the food-grade potassium chloride industry is quite chaotic. Some enterprises compete for a vicious low price in order to survive, which damages the healthy development of the whole food grade potassium chloride industry. Therefore, China's food-grade potassium chloride industry resource allocation and capital agglomeration, industry concentration and competitiveness need to be further enhanced.

  Section III Product Classification

  Food grade potassium chloride products can be used in specific applications such as the food industry, and can be divided into a salt, nutrient supplement, gelling aid, yeast foodstuff, flavoring agent, flavoring agent, pH control agent and so on;

  According to the food-grade potassium chloride content index, it is divided into 97%, 98%, 99%, and other different purity; according to the particle size index, it can be divided into 30, 40, 60, 80, 200 mesh and so on.

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