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How to Store Fertilizer Scientifically?

Aug. 23, 2019

How does the remaining fertilizer be stored when the fertilization season passes? Farmers and friends must pay attention to the fact that the fertilizers bought with hard money must not be reduced or lose their effectiveness due to poor storage. Formic Acid Factory recommends that you pay attention to the following four points:

1. Anti-return

Ammonium bicarbonate is easy to absorb moisture, causing loss of nitrogen volatilization; ammonium nitrate is highly hygroscopic, easy to agglomerate and deliquescent; lime nitrogen and superphosphate can easily agglomerate after moisture absorption, affecting the application effect. Therefore, these fertilizers should be stored in a dry, cool place, especially when storing ammonium bicarbonate, the package should be sealed firmly to avoid contact with air.

2. Fire prevention and sun exposure

Nitrogen fertilizers will accelerate the loss of nitrogen after exposure to sunlight or high temperatures. Therefore, nitrogen fertilizers should be protected from sunlight and fireworks when stored.

Phosphate Fertilizer

Phosphate Fertilizer

3. Anti-volatile loss

Ammonia water and ammonium bicarbonate are extremely volatile and should be sealed when stored. Nitrogen fertilizers and superphosphates are strictly prohibited from being mixed with alkaline substances (lime, grass ash, etc.) to prevent loss of nitrogen fertilizer and reduce the fertilizer efficiency of Phosphate Fertilizer.

4. Anti-corrosion and poison

Calcium superphosphate is corrosive and prevents contact with skin and metal utensils; ammonia water is strongly corrosive to copper and iron and should be stored in ceramics, plastics, and wooden containers. In addition, fertilizers should not be piled with seeds, and do not use fertilizer bags to seed, so as not to affect seed germination.

The scientific and effective storage of chemical fertilizers not only ensures the quality of chemical fertilizers but also reduces the losses caused by improper storage of fertilizers and guarantees the interests of farmers.

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