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The Meaning of Fulvic Acid

Sep. 27, 2019

As a Fulvic Acid Factory, let's share with you the meaning of Fulvic Acid.

Fulvic Acid is a substance extracted from humus. It has a low molecular weight and is brownish-black or brown in color. It is soluble in acid, soluble in alkali, soluble in ethanol and soluble in water. It is a kind of molecular structure and behavioral characteristics. A complex of similar substances.

Humic Substances (HS) are a class of organic substances that are black or tan, amorphous, acid or alkaline, hydrophilic, and polydisperse. They are widely found in soils and water bodies (such as rivers, lakes, oceans, groundwaters, etc.). ) and sediments such as coal.

According to solubility, humic acid can be divided into three categories: melic acid (HA, also known as humic acid), brown humic acid (HyA), fulvic acid (FA, also known as fulvic acid), the acid in humic acid The alkali is insoluble and insoluble in acetone. It is called black humic acid. The part soluble in acetone or ethanol is called brown humic acid. The part soluble in acid, alkali, ethanol, and water is called fulvic acid (also known as fulvic acid).

Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid

The extractable humus (HA+FA) has complex composition and various groups such as amino group, hydroxyl group, sulfhydryl group, carbonyl group and methoxy group, which can affect and control the migration and transformation of various organic pollutants and heavy metals in water. Caused widespread concern.

The Fulvic Acid structure contains a large number of groups such as phenolic hydroxyl groups and carbonyl groups and thus can interact with oxides, metal ions and organic substances including toxic and harmful substances, thereby affecting the environmental chemical behavior of these substances. Including chemical degradation, photolysis, bioabsorption, migration and volatilization of organic matter.

Therefore, a full understanding of the composition and characteristics of humic acid and fulvic acid will help to study its effects on the transformation, migration, and fate of heavy metals and toxic and refractory substances in the environment. Further improvement of the water treatment process also has very important theoretical and practical significance.

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